Gecko Talks – Guanaba Indigenous Protected Areas, RESCHEDULED for Wednesday 28th September 2022

RESCHEDULED TO When: Wednesday 28th September 2022 Where: Currumbin RSL Time: 7pm Cost: FREE Justine Dillon, a Proud Kombumerri woman, a project manager for Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association Inc and an environmentalist and a passionate advocate for Indigenous cultural perspectives on land management and environmental protection. THIS TALK HAS Read more…

Gecko Talks 22nd June 2022 -Gold Coast Urban Tree Canopy Study

This month Gecko Environment Council welcomes Gold Coast Council officers to Gecko’s regular talks on matters of interest to residents.
The talk this month will feature Council plans for tree planting throughout the city based on the Urban Tree Canopy Report undertaken by Arup in 2019. The report identified the priority areas and the urgent need for more trees. Studies indicate that 68% of our urban area has no canopy, while private owned land has 21%, road reserves 3%, public owned land (including open space) 8%.

Gecko Talks – 26th May in Currumbin RSL – Mosquitoes are Important

GECKO TALKS-Dr. Skinner is a disease ecologist and a post doctoral researcher at prestigious Stanford University in the USA. She is now based in the Gold Coast. In her talk for the monthly event, organized by Gecko Environment Council for the Gold Coast, Dr. Skinner will focus on the relation between climate change, our environment and mosquito’s. Visit to book a seat

Gecko Talks 24th March – The Iconic Platypus

“The platypus is one of the most unique species in the world,” says Emily Vincent of environmental organisation Watergum, who will be Gecko’s guest speaker. The egg-laying mammal is endemic to the east coast of Australia, including Tasmania, populating our freshwater creeks and waterways. Gecko Talks 24th March in Currumbin RSL – see for details

Gecko Talks-Bats are Beneficial-24th February at Currumbin RSL

Maria, who is the Education Coordinator for Bats Queensland (and who is also a Law Professor at Bond University), will speak at Gecko Talks on February 24th at Currumbin RSL. The bat enthusiast will shine her light on the supposed role of bats in the spread of Covid-19. “It is because different species of animals were crammed together in the wet market in Wuhan, that transmission could take place. Although bats cannot transmit Covid-19 directly to humans, we must be mindful that habitats are shrinking, which means that species that normally would not interact in the wild are more likely to do so, thereby increasing the probability of intra species viral transmission.. One more reason to give animals the space they need.” 24th February 6.45pm Currumbin RSL. Book in through