Join us to explore how you can take part in the energy transition, reduce carbon pollution and ensure nature and people thrive.

The Gold Coast is on the cusp of change, with a renewable energy transition underway across Australia, we are on our way to locally reducing carbon emission pollution. Gecko Environment Council wants to see the Gold Coast and QLD lead a renewable energy transition that benefits the environment and communities. It is possible, but people power will be needed to ensure government backs the planning and reforms we need.

The Queensland Government has now set a pathway to 50% renewable energy by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035 through commitments made in the Clean Energy and Jobs Plan.

So what does this mean for us on the Gold Coast, and for nature and regional communities where the power and minerals will come from?

If you’re interested in a transition to safer climate futures and how the clean energy transition can transform the way we live, join us for this Gecko event series in 2024 and 2025 to explore some of the challenging questions and innovative solutions.

Find out how we can all be part of the energy transition (the power lies with us!), how the system is evolving with new technologies, and how we can ensure communities get their own energy systems.

As a conservation council we are particularly concerned with how communities and nature can thrive in a well-planned restorative transition that genuinely listens, consults, and responds to local needs of people and the environment.

Renewable Energy Zones and critical mining

As part of planning the energy transition, Renewable Energy Zones have been identified as areas to host major projects across QLD. Closest to the Gold Coast there are a few big projects in the pipeline, one near Stanthorpe will become one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world.

Mining for the critical minerals currently needed for large scale renewables and solar will largely occur in QLD’s north.

Both constructing large scale renewable energy infrastructure and mining for critical minerals will have varying impacts on nature and communities. Ultimately the biggest users of the power are the residents of South East QLD, making this an important conversation for all Queenslanders to be part of.

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The conservation sector’s recommendations

In QLD, nine Regional Conservation Councils, including Gecko Environment Council have made a shared statement to get to 100% renewables with thriving nature and communities.

We have a shared vision for Queensland’s clean energy future. We want a nature positive renewable energy industry that increases biodiversity in Queensland, and empowers First Nations people and regional communities while providing affordable and reliable clean energy.

We know that Queensland’s energy transformation is a once in a generation chance to create a better system that delivers for people and nature.

Read the shared statement here

IMAGE: QLD Regional Conservation Councils

Gecko Environment Council’s Nature and Renewables event series 2024-2025

Event #1: Community info night

In April Gecko Environment Council and Climate Community Night collaborated to host climate experts from Queensland Conservation Council to update us on the rapidly changing renewables scene, and bust some myths about our local solar transition and building regional large scale renewable energy power.

PHOTO: Clare Silcock and Stephanie Grey, Queensland Conservation Council

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Event #2: Community Webinar: 100% renewables – Can we resource that sustainably?

Have you had a conversation with someone about transitioning to renewables and they’ve agreed renewables are great, but are challenged by the scale of 100% renewables. They ask where we will get all of the minerals and materials we need? Or maybe that is you… In this free community webinar we explore how we can solve BIG questions, including;

  • Do we have enough materials and resources?
  • Can we resource a transition in ways that nature and communities thrive?

We might fare better than you think! Hear from our guest speakers about the potential to sustainably resource QLD’s energy transition.

Darren Johannsen joins us from the Smart Energy Council sharing his expertise on materials limits in a renewable future – we might fare better than you think.

Crystal Falknau, Coordinator of North Queensland Conservation Council provides a regional conservation perspective on what needs to be considered to ensure nature and communities can thrive in our energy transition.

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Event #3: Climate solutions at a festival near you!

Stay Tuned…Gecko is excited to collaborate with our colleagues in the Gold Coast Climate Action Network to bring the community climate conversations and solutions at this year’s Botanical Bazaar, the Gold Coast’s garden and Sustainability Festival.

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IMAGE: Botanical Bazaar