Gecko’s Campaigns Team is a passionate group of Gold Coasters giving a voice to the protection of the natural environment and advocating for the improved sustainability of the built environment. 

The Campaigns Team works in close collaboration with other conservation and community organisations on the Gold Coast and northern NSW which have similar interests. On a broader scale, the Team works with or supports other organisations such as the Queensland Conservation Council and its member groups on State and National environmental issues.

The Campaigns Team with its combined knowledge and skills meets fortnightly to discuss the issues, develop advocacy strategies and take appropriate action by appealing to the hearts and minds of Gold Coasters and the decision-makers in the community. Visit the Gecko calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

Gecko campaigns on 4 core themes:

Climate Changeto advocate, for effective action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to all levels of government and within all sectors of the community for the benefit of all living species.

Biodiversity Protectionto advocate for the protection of all native species through increases in the extent of protected areas, such as land and marine national parks and conservation reserves, and improved funding for effective management. Better legislation is also needed for all areas of development.

Public Open Space – to advocate for the protection and increase of public open space and its vegetation for the health and well-being of the growing population. Further to advocate for the implementation of an urban forest policy and register of the city’s significant trees.

Liveable and Green City – to advocate for the adoption of sustainability objectives in city planning, infrastructure provision and development to ensure a liveable and attractive city for residents and visitors.