Gecko is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on funding from avenues such as grants and donations to carry out the important work of education and environmental protection. Donations can take the form of a one-off gift or regular workplace giving from pre tax dollars. Gecko also welcomes legacy donations via bequests. 

Facilities exist for you to donate money by PayPal, Direct deposit, Cash or Cheque and via our GiveNow page.

The opportunity also exists to join as a Gecko Friend where you can choose to make a recurring donation monthly, quarterly or annually. 

We would like to thank and acknowledge all of our generous donors.
*All gifts are tax deductable
*Endorsement as a deductable gift recipient – 6.1.1. Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997 

How Can I Donate?

1. PayPal

2. Internet/Direct Deposit

Pay by bank transfer into our BOQ account or visit any BOQ branch and deposit direct into our account (details below).
So that we know what the money is for, leave a reference note with your deposit, e.g.: “Donation” and any other information.

Our BOQ bank details are as follows:

BSB No: 124-036
Account No:22299847
Account Name:Gecko

3. Cash or Cheque

Delivered to the Gecko office at Gecko House, between Monday and Friday, 10am-2pm. Or post a cheque made out to ‘Gecko’ to Gecko House, 139 Duringan St., Currumbin Q 4223