There are many definitions of a liveable city and Gecko’s list includes the following criteria.
  • A city that we all want to live in will be based on principles of sustainability in all of its buildings and infrastructure resulting in low or no pollution;
  • it will be safe and inclusive while providing opportunities for social interaction;
  • it will be a city that facilitates active travel by walking and bike riding and efficient, affordable public transport for all.
  • It will have affordable housing and variety in employment opportunities and finally
  • it will have plenty of parklands and conservation areas to ensure the health and well-being of both the human and other species inhabiting this city.
By 2030 60% of the world’s population will live in cities so it is important that they are liveable and still enable connection with nature. By 2041 the population of Gold Coast City is projected to be 918,000 an increase of 351,000 on 2018 figures of 567,000.

Residents Against the Oxenford Quarry Expansion

Gecko is supporting the residents of Oxenford who are lobbying Council to refuse a planning application by Nucrush to expand their stone/ gravel quarry at Oxenford from a previously agreed close down date of 2022. Click here for more information and we urge you to attend the public meeting and/ or sign the petition. Nucrush now want an expansion of the quarry and extension of the time for quarrying for a further 100 years. The expansion of the quarry will bring it closer to the homes built around the quarry in anticipation of the closure date of 2022 and will seriously reduce the habitat of wildlife surrounding the quarry and connecting to the hinterland.

Current Actions