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Each year, Gecko acknowledges individuals, groups and businesses within the South East Queensland community who have made a significant contribution to the preservation of, or improvement to, our local natural environment. In recognition of this, Gecko hosts the annual environmental awards ceremony to celebrate the outstanding achievements of these people through the presentation of a Gecko Award to each recipient.

In 2020, for the 24th time, Gecko will be acknowledging and celebrating community based environmental work on the Gold Coast.

“These awards are all about the community and the wonderful, tireless work they do to preserve and better our natural environment” Gecko Secretary and a previous award recipient Rose Adams said.

“Think of anyone and everyone who do something magnificent for our environment and nominate them for this year’s awards. This is a way to thank and celebrate invaluable work that can very easily and too often go unnoticed.”

Nominate by 24th August 2019

The 2019 Annual Environmental Awards is to be held in September to coincide with the Biodiversity Month.

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On the evening of 7th September 2019 85 people gathered under under a starry sky to hear the results of this ceremony.   The results are:

Velvet Gecko AwardLyn Wright- For her exceptional contribution and unwavering commitment to the protection and preservation of Federation Walk as well as the natural assets of the Gold Coast.

Jewelled Gecko Award
Sharon Quinlan – For her outstanding dedication to the rescue, recuperation and rehabilitation of bats over the past decades.

Ceris Ash – For her unceasing, persistent and courageous efforts to ensure correct guardianship for the Springbrook World Heritage area and surrounds.

Karen Scott – For her remarkable devotion and contribution to the rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife through her work and leadership in Wildcare Australia.

Golden-Tailed Gecko Award
Arnold Wolthers – For his enduring efforts to ensure the environmental protection and sustainability of The Spit, Federation Walk and community enjoyment of the area.

Judy Swanton -For her unrivalled dedication to the rescue of our injured wildlife.

Ashley Fraser – For her commendable commitment, compassion and dedication to the care and rescue of our native wildlife.

Beaded Gecko Award
Lauren Morgan – For her outstanding contribution in the field of marine science and community engagement.

Tom Pasley -For his contribution to school sustainability and inspiring action from the community.

Bianca Benigno – For her contribution to school sustainability and community engagement.

Justine Dillon – For her leadership and dedication in showcasing Indigenous land management practices.

John Hicks – For his energy and expertise in delivering better outcomes for the environment, economy and the liveability of Gold Coast city.

Katie Norman – For her outstanding passion and dedication to inspire sustainability in schools and to encourage and support the implementation of school sustainability projects.

Leaftailed Gecko Awards 
Narii Salmon  – For the dedication and passion he has demonstrated in leading young people on the Gold Coast to take action against climate change.

Tadhg Salmon  – For the dedication and passion he has demonstrated in leading young people on the Gold Coast to take action against climate change.

Sustainabulls – For their enthusiasm and leadership to further sustainability, not only in their school, but amongst young people and the wider community on the Gold Coast.

Mitchell Thomas Carr – For his contribution in the field of nature preservation, improvement of our natural areas and in community engagement.

Caroline Sartori  – For her steadfast involvement in raising community awareness on environmental protection and sustainability.

Johnathon Gregor – For his enthusiastic support for a range of environmental campaigns and the sustainability of our city.

Rowena Bibby – For her reliable and enthusiastic support for a range of environmental campaigns on the Gold Coast.

Judy McLennan – For her energy and passion in both initiating and supporting environmental campaigns on the Gold Coast.

Ray & Pam Isen – For their commitment and support for enviromental protection on the Gold Coast.

Graham Sharp – For his enthusiastic facilitation of events in support of the environment.

Marie Carvolth – For her passion and energy in inspiring greater sustainability in the community.

Jorge Cantellano – For his energy and enthusiasm in promoting the edible foodscapes project to encourage food sustainability.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and left inspired to give their own help to the environment in whatever way they can.

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