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This role will be responsible for developing and implementing a climate action campaign strategy with clear, measurable goals to address climate change and will include the recruitment, training and managing of volunteers to assist in these tasks. The role requires building a network of diverse allies seeking reductions in emissions and prosecuting the case for policy reforms through a variety of methods, including written submissions at a Council and State Government level to reduce emissions and improve monitoring and reporting. It will engage with government departments and parliamentarians on reform opportunities and engage with supporters to build strong pressure to deliver the reforms needed. The role requires an ability to enter communities in Gold Coast City to engage residents in discussions and education about climate change, personal and community-based actions they can take to reduce emissions and active involvement in advocacy for a climate action policy at Council level. For more information see

When: Wednesday 24th August 2022 Where: Currumbin RSL Time: 7pm Cost: FREE Book Seat: Humanitix link Justine Dillon, Proud Kombumerri woman and Project Manager of Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association Incorporated, will give a presentation on the current status,

This month Gecko Environment Council welcomes Gold Coast Council officers to Gecko’s regular talks on matters of interest to residents. The talk this month will feature Council plans for tree planting throughout the city based on the Urban Tree Canopy Report undertaken by Arup in 2019. The report identified the priority areas and the urgent need for more trees. Studies indicate that 68% of our urban area has no canopy, while private owned land has 21%, road reserves 3%, public owned land (including open space) 8%.

May 2022

Volunteers are wanted to help with all these campaign actions.SubmissionsMail Out20220403_Objection submission development MCU 2021/64420220412_Submission_Fed.WalkCoastalReserve_Options20220412_FU_ltrs_Forum Speakers- Dillon, Broun, Green, Ogilvie, Underdahl20220420_Email_CouncillorMacDonald_RockviewPark20220421_Ltr_BKlaassen_DES_Invite_NPForum20220424_Subm_PriorityGrowthAreas_DSDILGP20220428_Subm_QCC_statewide_Campaign Mail In:20220412_Ltr_Dept.Tourism20220412_FU_ltrs_Forum Speakers- Dillon, Broun, Green, Ogilvie, Underdahl.20220420_Ltr_Dept State Development Infrastructure Loc. Govt. Planning Beach bar20220419_Ltr_DES_EPA_Consultation Gecko Campaigns groups

Volunteers are wanted to help with all these campaign actions.SubmissionsMail Out20220311_Subm_MinisterEnvironment_NerangNP_MTB20220317_Subm_Beekeeping_NP20220327_Lisa_Timoney_Currumbin EcoPark20220300 _emails-speakers_national_park forum.20220403_Objection submission development MCU 2021/64420220412_Submission_Fed.WalkCoastalReserve_OptionsMail In:20220307_invitation_CoomeraKoalaConference20220330_ltr_DSDILGP_Curlew Island20220412_Ltr_Dept.Tourism Gecko Campaigns groups the matters that arise under four broad headings of climate change; biodiversity; protection of public open space;

2022 – March Report by Lois Levy March Campaign Report 2022Volunteers are wanted to help with all these campaign actions.Submissions due – nilMail Out20220211_Sub_Qld_Resources-Industry_Plan20220208_Ltr_MinEnvironment_NP20220208_ltr_GCBulletin_CurrumbinEcoPark20220218 _Ltr_Council_Mountain_Bikes20220223_Ltr_Ministers_StateDevt_Environment_Beachbars20220227_Ltr_LisaTimoney_Eco-ParkMail In:20220303_Email_FromLisaTimoney Gecko Campaigns groups the matters that arise under four broad headings of climate change;

Reversing the Decline of Australian Native Wildlife This month we are joined by Genevieve Deaconos, Senior Development Executive in Queensland for Australia Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), a non-profit organisation dedicated to reversing the decline of native Australian wildlife. Australia is home

Planned Coomera Connector & M1 Motorcross & 4 wheel driving now allowed in Nerang National Park and permission gradually spreading to other National parks January and February 2022 Campaigns Report by Lois Levy Volunteers are wanted to help with all

This April we are joined by Jessica Lovegrove-Walsh, founder of Friends of Nerang National Park. Jess will be presenting on the Park itself and what Friends of Nerang National Park are doing to help greater gliders. You'll learn about their ecology, threats, and what you can do to help these shy animals.

Deskspace has become available in one of Currumbin’s oldest buildings! Gecko House is situated on Duringan Street in Currumbin along the picturesque Currumbin Creek. It is the old Currumbin primary School built in 1924 (yes, almost 100 years young!) and