Gecko Talks-25 March-Helping Powerful Owls Through Citizen Science

Australia’s largest owl, the threatened Powerful Owl, should be living in the Gold Coast. With much of its habitat destroyed in the recent fires, and impacted by land clearing, a study to learn more about its local whereabouts urgently needs your help.
Dr Rob Clemens, Powerful Owl Project Coordinator for Bird Life Australia, will discuss this, and more about owls, when he speaks at Gecko Talks on March 25 in Currumbin RSL

Gecko Talks-The Secret Lives of Microbats Revealed-28th August

We all know the diseases mosquitos can spread. But few of us know much about the tiny insectivores working tirelessly on our behalf to control those mozzies.
That’s where Professor Maria Nicolae comes in, championing the cause of microbats.

‘They play very important roles in controlling the insect population. But they’re under extreme pressure for survival everywhere, pressure that we can help relieve,’ she says.

Gecko Talks-The Spit Master Plan-24 July 2019

GeckoTalks-24 July in Currumbin RSL – Following 18 months of consultation with the community and key stakeholders, The Spit master plan was released by the Queensland Government on 25 May 2018.
The Spit master plan provides for a low-rise future for The Spit and strikes a balance between the protection of environmental and community values and the realisation of appropriate development opportunities.