Community Composting Program

COMMUNITY COMPOSTING PROGRAM-As part of their wider sustainability program, Palm Beach Currumbin High School has a Sustainability Hub on the school grounds and as part of the Hub, the school has purchased an industrial composter. Gecko has partnered with the school to provide the wider community with an option to benefit from their fantastic facilities.
Gecko House has a black COMMUNITY COMPOST PROGRAM bin at Gecko House to drop off your food scraps, including protein.
This is what you can and cannot compost through the program.

Gecko Talks-Launching Turtle Watch on the Gold Coast-28th October in Currumbin RSL

The clutch of Loggerhead Turtles born at Tugun earlier this year helped inspire a local environmental scientist to launch a turtle-watch program. We want to improve the information on nesting turtles here on the Gold Coast. She will explain how you can be involved – and more about turtles in general – when she speaks at the free Gecko Talks on Wednesday, October 28. Turtle Watch will begin to fill the data gap on nesting turtles not just for the appropriate authorities but so there will be better response and reporting of local marine strandings, Ms Houlihan said. She has the support of Sea World, which rehabilitated and released the Tugun clutch, and non-profit Watergum group which is already involved in citizen science and will help train locals. Local knowledge and involvement is vital. That’s where beach walkers come in. Attend FREE Gecko Talks 28th October in Currumbin RSL. Boookings must be made through

Citizen Science Activities

Citizen Science Activities – Become Involved Citizen science is about the community participating in scientific research. Its key objective is to make science more accessible for the community and to produce valuable information for scientific research. To be involved in citizen science you don’t need a science degree. Citizen scientists Read more…