As part of their wider sustainability program, Palm Beach Currumbin High School has a Sustainability Hub on the school grounds and as part of the Hub, the school has purchased an industrial composter. Gecko has partnered with the school to provide the wider community with an option to benefit from their fantastic facilities.

Gecko House has a BLACK COMMUNITY COMPOST PROGRAM bin at Gecko House to drop off your food scraps, including protein.

For ease of use why not print out the list below of what you can and cannot compost through this program https://gecko.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/What-can-be-composted-text-instructions.pdf

The wonderful volunteers from Southern Beaches Community Garden pick up the bins twice a week and drop off the composting waste to the sustainability Hub at the school.

Thank you Councillor O’Neil from Division 14 for providing the bins for Gecko House!