Councillors vote on ASF Proposal

Dear Councillors, Councillor vote on ASF Proposal It has been reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin that you are being pressured to vote on whether or not to proceed with the ASF Consortium possible proposal tomorrow. This appears to be happening without you receiving adequate information or time to properly consider the limited information you do have. While we always take what is reported in the GC Bulletin with a pinch of salt, in the absence of any other source of information the stories over the last few days have raised grave concerns.

Ban opera house yabby traps in Queensland and save platypus

Platypus in Queensland are continuing to drown in funnel nets despite recent Queensland Government legislation banning the use of ‘funnel & round traps’ to catch crayfish in non-tidal waters (east of the Great Dividing Range only). This legislation offers little more than  mere token protection for the unintended bi-catch of these lethal & cruel death-traps — the native water rats, turtles, fish, diving birds, and in particular the iconic platypus that share our freshwater ecosystems with the yabby

Proclamation of Guardianship

At the Claim the Broadwater ceremony on Sunday 25th on Wavebreak Island over 200 people endorsed the Proclamation of Guardianship formulated by Gecko and supported by Save Our Spit and Save Our Broadwater. The Proclamation will be sent to all political parties with the request that they take action to support its demands. Other actions to take back control of our public open space assets will follow. Please endorse the Proclamation