Ban Yabby Traps in Queensland and Save Platypus

animated platypusPlatypus in Queensland are continuing to drown in funnel nets despite recent Queensland Government legislation banning the use of ‘funnel & round traps’ to catch crayfish in non-tidal waters (east of the Great Dividing Range only).

This legislation offers little more than  mere token protection for the unintended bi-catch of these lethal & cruel death-traps — the native water rats, turtles, fish, diving birds, and in particular the iconic platypus that share our freshwater ecosystems with the yabby.

There are a number of alternative and less harmful methods for fishers to catch yabbies which should be encouraged.

The yabby is the favourite prey of all, especially the platypus, and it can’t resist a tasty, conveniently-entrapped smorgasbord.

With mostly blind senses it is unwittingly lured into the trap.

With its streamlined body it’s easy to get in, but with a mouthful of yabbies, it’s impossible to get out.

You can help save it and its mates from these ghastly death

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