Councilors Vote on ASF Proposal

3rd April 2014

Gold Coast City Councillors Divisions 1-14

Gold Cost City Council PO Box 5042 GCMC 9729

Dear Councillors, Councillor vote on ASF Proposal It has been reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin that you are being pressured to vote on whether or not to proceed with the ASF Consortium possible proposal tomorrow. This appears to be happening without you receiving adequate information or time to properly consider the limited information you do have. While we always take what is reported in the GC Bulletin with a pinch of salt, in the absence of any other source of information the stories over the last few days have raised grave concerns.

We do not understand why there is this pressure, but we seriously ask that in the light of your inability to have time for a considered approach to this possible proposal that you vote not to proceed any further.

The risks as we understand it are:

? Lack of information to address the many constraints outlined in Deputy Premier Seeney?s letter of 12th February 2014 to Mayor Tate and subsequently seen by all Councillors.

? An apparent expectation by a Council Officer that proper due diligence by Council of the possible proposal is less important than a development company?s investment wishes.

? Failure of duty of care to the city in voting for a possible project without adequate information to assess the risks and benefits. ? Exposure of Council and therefore ratepayers to financial risk in the event that the proposal is refused at a later date. ? The need for a full examination of the reported information that one or more of the companies involved in the ASF consortium has been banned for 8 years by the World Bank for fraud and corruption in the Philippines.

? An expectation that a very limited survey of Gold Coasters would be adequate to assess community acceptance of a proposal they have never seen (other than a couple of pictures in the print media).

? Failure to comply with the requirement of a fully informed and transparent survey of all Gold Coasters about this matter.

As you are aware Gecko has never supported a cruise terminal or the sale/long term lease of our irreplaceable 75 hectares of public open space in the Broadwater. Our members are alarmed at the process of this possible proposal and trust that you will exercise your duty of care and vote NO to proceeding.

Yours sincerely

Rose Adams