Proclamation of Guardianship of the Broadwater

At the Claim the Broadwater ceremony on Sunday 25th on Wavebreak Island over 200 people endorsed the Proclamation of Guardianship formulated by Gecko and supported by Save Our Spit and Save Our Broadwater.

Dozens of boats moored in the sheltered lee of Wavebreak Island and many more people arrived by kayak or paddle board, all there to support Wavebreak Island remaining in public ownership and keen to hear what the opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk and Peta-Kaye Croft
Member for Broadwater would say on the topic.

Lois Levy from Gecko addressed the crowd along with representatives from Save Our Spit and Save Our Broadwater. The MP’s had their turn and pledged if in office that no development will occur on Wavebreak Island.

The Proclamation will be sent to all political parties with the request that they take action to support its demands. Other actions to take back control of our public open space assets will follow. Please endorse the Proclamation.