To become a Currumbin Creek Guardian, children will visit three locations along Currumbin Creek and learn about the habitat and ecosystems of these areas. Through hands-on adventure and by discovering the unique biodiversity along Currumbin Creek, the children will gain a deeper understanding of the role these habitats and ecosystems play in the health of the creek and our natural environment.
This program discusses our natural environment in age appropriate terms and empower the children to understand what positive measures can be taken in our everyday lives to protect and advocate for the health and importance of waterways and Currumbin Creek in particular.
Currumbin Creek Guardians program empowers children to love and protect Currumbin Creek!
At the program children will find answers to questions such as;
  • What makes Currumbin Creek unique?
  • What animals depend on Currumbin Creek to live and thrive? How many different habitats and ecosystems can we find along the creek?
  • Why are healthy waterways important to us and the overall health of our natural environment?
  • What positive steps can we take in our everyday lives to protect creeks and waterways?
The program is aimed at 7-12 year old children.