Eco Discoverers Kids Club

EcoDiscoverers Kid’s Club is an after school club in Currumbin for children aged 5-9 years. The club runs on Friday afternoons afternoons during term time after school from 3.30pm till 5.30pm.

Each week we will focus on a different native animal, plant or habitat. There will be games, stories, excursions and competitions. All to reinforce the topic of the week!

The club connects children with nature and engages them with our native plants, animals and habitats and to learn how to look after the environment. All activities are hands-on and interactive and take place in a park, along the creek or in bushland.

As a truly interactive club, children will have a say in what they would like to do and achieve.

Bookings are essential and need to be made prior to the session. Bookings for full term are $90 ($10/session) and individual sessions are $15 per session.

Where do we explore?

The EcoDiscoverers’ club is based at Gecko House in Currumbin.

The Gecko Learnscape Garden is just outside Gecko House where we can see frogs, insects and other animals and learn about the native plants and habitats. Winders Park is right next door where we can explore and learn about the flowers and trees, as well as the lizards, birds and insects that feed and live there. Along the park there is Currumbin Creek where, under careful supervision, we can try our luck at spotting a crab, netting some fish and learning the names of all the waterbirds we will see.

For more details, get in touch with us via email or call us at 0416 216 455.


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