Urgent Government Action is Needed

Most governments have been slow to make the necessary policy and action changes to effectively reduced emissions and hold the global temperature to 1.5C by 2050. There are strong forces, particularly the fossil fuel lobby groups that are pushing Australian governments not to take action on climate change, because it affects their financial model and profits.

Governments however are also sensitive to voters’ views so why don’t you push back! Politicians are actually much more accessible to the community than most people realise, and you can easily contact your local Member of Parliament at a Federal and State government level. You can email, write, telephone or go and see them. They are there to serve you.

Between elections

The Federal government is the most important level of government for climate change for two reasons.
• Firstly, because it is responsible for Australia’s input to international climate discussions, which determine the level that each country will act on climate change.
• Secondly, because it currently has set a very small target for what Australia will do in reducing its emissions. Australian can and must do better.

Your help is needed and by contacting your local Federal Member of Parliament or Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction is the best thing you can do. Australian Parents for Climate Action group have put together a great guide on how to do this here.

State Government

State and local governments have smaller but important parts to play in responding to climate change, for example through sustainable town planning, public transport, greening cities and energy policies to encourage investment in renewable energy. You can find out who your local state member is here.

Local Council

The Gold Coast City Council does not have a specific climate change policy or action plan. You can contact the Council by phone 55816 000 or email mail@goldcoast.qld.gov.au to ask about this. Alternatively you can contact your local Divisional Councillor or the Mayor. Find your local Councillor’s contact details here.

You may want to join a political party and work to influence their climate change policies from “the inside”, or you can exercise your vote at elections and vote for the party you believe with be most effective in acting on climate change.

At elections

GCCAN does not offer endorsements of political parties. However, we encourage all our members to review the climate change policies of parties at the next elections and vote accordingly.

If one party or candidate seems to have better policies than another, you can also volunteer to work on their campaign in many different ways or even just advocate for them to your family and friends.

Change begins when you take action.


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