Revealing our Mind-blowing Visitors - Migratory Birds & Curlew Island

Gecko Talks, Currumbin RSL - Wednesday March 27th at 7pm in The Cove room

Migratory shorebirds perform mind-blowing journeys and are among the most amazing and elusive creatures on earth.

While they visit the Gold Coast annually, most of us don’t recognise them.

Dedicated bird-watcher, Bob Westerman, has been instrumental in identifying and protecting these visitors locally.

Come along to Gecko Talks on March 27 when he’ll explain how to identify these birds, tell you where you’ll see them on the Broadwater, and illustrate it all with his stunning photos.

Shorebirds are one of the three great realms of birds and inhabit our tidal bays and some inland waterways. These birds are shy, avoid populated areas, usually have dull plumage and normally keep their distance from people.

Even though several million visit our coastlines each year, most people are unaware of their presence—or mistake them for other species.

Some shorebirds are local and are here all year but most are migratory and are the champions of long-distance flying.  The Gold Coast Broadwater hosts about 2000 migratory shorebirds.

The key species seen here are the critically-endangered Eastern Curlew, the long-distance champ, the Bar-tailed Godwit and the Whimbrel.

You’ll also hear about a Kiwi bird, the Double Banded Plover, the only bird in the world that migrates east-west over water.

Indeed, a collection of exemplary visitors.

Curlew Island (which Bob named) is one of their key sites.

You’ll learn what is being done to protect this site—part of a huge conservation battle he led.


Gecko Talks is on Wednesday, March 27th at Currumbin RSL. Everyone’s welcome and it’s FREE.

Come early and buy a delicious RSL meal. Please call Gecko on 07 5534 1412 for more information, or turn up on the night.