Gecko Talks – Wednesday, November 28 at Currumbin RSL

It’s one thing knowing that biodiversity matters. The hard part for most of us is knowing what it looks like locally and how we can possibly help.

That’s where botanist David Jinks comes in. With more than 30 years of local research and experience in our botanical landscape, David, who heads Gold Coast Botany, has identified species ‘hidden’ so well that others haven’t recognised them—or known which were endangered.

For instance, he discovered a new species of ancient rainforest tree at Springbrook, now named after him—Eucryphia jinksii.  We can learn from David when he speaks at Gecko Talks, at Currumbin RSL on Wednesday, November 28.

He’ll outline some threatened plant species in the context of biodiversity, what they look like and what we can do to help their long-term survival. As a practical botanist, he’ll explain using local case studies.

Sadly, David points out, Australia is one of the world’s leading places of biodiversity loss, and the Gold Coast is an important and little known hot-spot of biodiversity of global importance.

David has extensive industry, government and community involvement including projects as diverse as Currumbin’s award-winning Ecovillage, to the Hinze Dam extension.

David received high praise from Germaine Greer when she famously restored her 60 ha of rainforest near Natural Bridge: ‘I placed myself under the guidance of the expert on the rainforests of the Shield Volcano Group, David Jinks. He was uncompromising.’

This is the perfect way to learn what plant ‘biodiversity’ really looks like on the Gold Coast.  Gecko Talks is on Wednesday, November 28 at Currumbin RSL.

Everyone’s welcome and it’s free. Come early and buy a delicious RSL meal.

Please call Gecko on 07 5534 1412 for more information. Or turn up on the night.

When:   Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Time:     6:45PM for 7:00PM Start

Where:  ‘The Cove Room’, Currumbin RSL, 165 Duringan  Street, Currumbin 

Cost:      FREE! (Don’t forget, you can buy a meal there before the talk.)

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