EcoDiscoverers Xmas School Holiday Program


Monday 17th December 2018 – Explore Tidal Pools

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Let’s explore the rock pools at Tallebudgera Creek, what kind of creatures live there and how. How many different sea creatures can you find?

The day includes games, story and sand sculptures.

We start from the grassed area on the east side of the Tallebudgera Bridge


Wednesday 19th December 2018 – Let’s Find Birds 

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Search for birds, learn their names as you see them, find out what they eat and how they live.   The day includes games, story and craft.
We start from Gecko House at 139 Duringan Street, Currumbin 

What is that up there?


Monday 7th January 2019 – Learn Tree Secrets


What kind of trees surround us, how do they live where they live, what are they called and which creatures call them home.

The day includes games, story and craft, all evolving around the day’s topic.

We start behind the Pirate Ship, Palm Beach Parklands


Wednesday 9th January 2019 – Marvellous Megabats –

Sold Out

Let’s go and study the large bat colony along Currumbin Creek, how they live and interact with each other, what role they play in the ecosystem and what makes them marvellous.

The day includes playing bat related games, story and craft.

We start at Preston Park on Michel Drive, Currumbin 

A bat colony
Its alive!!


Monday 14th January 2019 – Creatures of the Bark


How do you identify a tree by its bark? Become a tree detective at this EcoExplorer adventure and learn how.

The day includes games, story and craft.

We start from Preston Park, Michel Drive, Currumbin 


Wednesday 16th January – Incredible Insects

Sold Out

Did you know that there are up to 30 million species of insects in the world?

They have amazing abilities, they are wonderfully varied and they are incredibly interesting.

To be a true nature explorer, you need to know your insects!

The day includes insect games, story and craft.

We start from Gecko House, 139 Duringan Drive, Currumbin 

I've found one - what is it?

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