Kid's Corner


Our GeckoEd Team has created an exciting new resource to all our junior nature lovers. Games, stories, downloadable activity sheets, treasure hunts and heaps of rainy day craft ideas to keep all the junior explorers busy and engaged with nature.  Less screen time and more Green Time – these activities will keep them busy and entertained around the home, in the garden and exploring the local parks.




This program teaches you about the butterflies that live and visit the Gold Coast. You will learn about these fascinating insects, go out spotting them, play interactive games and quizzes and finish with some arts and crafts.

It is all designed to be done independently at home but we are happy to help you identify the butterflies you might come across. (See program and worksheet for details.)

And we would love to hear of your experiences and feedback on the program!

Download the program and worksheet here.

Download the Quiz Answers here.