Citizen Science Programs

Citizen science involves the community participating in scientific research. Its key objective is to make science more accessible for the community and to produce valuable information for scientific research. To be involved in citizen science you don’t need a science degree, all you need is enthusiasm and the willingness to get involved. Citizen scientists work with scientists or within a scientific framework to achieve scientific goals and is a great way to harness community skills and passion to answer our questions about the world and how it works. Some programs are also suitable for children so the whole family can be involved.

Clean Creeks

Gecko collaborates with the Gold Coast Catchment Association Inc who manages several citizen science programs being PlatypusWatch, Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality.
Gecko is involved with the macroinvertebrates and water quality programs, being what we call the Clean Creeks program. This program raises community and government awareness in the Currumbin, Tallebudgera and Coomera catchments and aims to distribute information on waterways health, trends and impacts.

Macroinverbrates are small animals that live part or all of their life in water. There are many types of macroinvertebrate such as dragonfly larvae, mosquito larvae, beetles and snails.
Macroinvertebrates make good biological indicators because they have different sensitivities to pollution. So by sampling macroinvertebrate communities and looking at both the types and numbers of animals present we can get an idea as to how healthy a waterway is. This data when joined with the water quality data (e.g. pH, conductivity) provides a snapshot and forms part of past collected data to establish a baseline as to how healthy a waterway is. The collected data is managed by Watergum and is accessible to the community on their website here. 

Get Involved

If you would like to join us in macroinvertebrate and water quality testing in the Currumbin and Tallebudgera catchments please contact us. Testing usually runs on a Saturday or Sunday morning for about 2 hours every 3 months. Its fun, everyone is welcome so come and join us.

Register your interest and find out more information by contacting Gecko at or get in touch with the office Team.

Further information about Gold Coast Catchments Association can be found here.

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