Annual Report 2018-2019

On the 29 October 2019, Gecko celebrates its 30th anniversary. The organisation is planning a year long calendar of celebrations to mark the occasion.

Gecko is a volunteer, not-for-profit, non-party-political organisation operating on a volunteer base of approximately 100 active volunteers. The organisation is steered by a Management Committee which is elected once a year at an Annual General Meeting.

There has been a lot of activity at Gecko over the past 30 years. Apart from campaigning, Gecko educates approximately a thousand of children and students annually through GeckoEd. coordinates Clean Up Australia Day on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Green Week, Annual Environmental Awards, monthly Gecko Talks as well as participate and host numerous one-off events. We also operate a variety of field work and citizen science activities such as Elanora, Tarrabora and Nicoll Scrub bushcare groups and Clean Creeks water testing program. Gecko is in the process of starting two new citizen science projects; Cane Toad Challenge and Osprey Nesting Platform monitoring at Currumbin Creek beachfront. Gecko is also the major shareholder in Regen Australia, a regeneration company on the Gold Coast, and as such involved in the overseeing the operations of the business.

Annual Report 2018-Gecko Campaigns

The Gecko Environment Council Campaign Team continues to meet fortnightly and as in past years has achieved much in 2017-2018. Unlike many other environment groups formed to advocate for one particular issue, Gecko, as the peak regional environment group, does its best to respond to a wide range of issues relating to conservation of species, sustainability or transparency and accountability in government

Presidents Speech 2015

Gecko is not an organisation with an individual directive and personality. The personality of Gecko is at all times a collaboration and representation of all of the various visions and goals of its members and volunteers. This is the heart of Gecko, and it beats powerfully to direct change on the Gold Coast.

The last twelve months has been no exception to the rule of collaborative representation of the visions of many individuals. Some very passionate people gave an adrenaline shot to the heart of Gecko this year, while others provided consistent life blood. This leaves us with a very healthy and happy “Gecko” which is effective in spreading its message of “environment”.

I’m going to speed one by one through the many different portfolios within Gecko, which all serve a different need within the community.