Coomera Connector Proposed Road

The public consultation period for the Coomera Connector (southern section), or M2 as some call it, will begin on Saturday 9th November, from 7am –3pm at Carrara Markets. This is the first of several opportunities for the public to see where the Coomera Connector, Stage 1, will go and to discuss its impacts with residents who live along the route and those with other concerns.

Tourism or National Parks

In recent months the Department of Tourism has called for expressions of interest for development of eco- tourism ventures in National Parks. Queensland has only 7% of its area as national park, compared to 50% in Tasmania, however the Government has decided that in order to attract more tourists, developments should be allowed in national parks. Gecko has no objection to day visitors to national parks and would like to see better facilities and interpretation in our parks, but we cannot condone development in any national park.

Moreton Bay Marine Park Review

Currently Moreton Bay Marine Park’s southern boundary is the northern Seaway wall and the west takes in some of the Broadwater. The review is in 2 stages, with Stage 1 simply being a roll-over of the current zoning plans to ensure the Park retains its protection while extensive community consultation takes place in Stage 2. A discussion paper will be released by the Dept. of Environment and Science around October 2019 with calls for public submissions

Campaigns Update May 2019

Federal Elections and climate policy: After years of frustration with federal government inaction or worse on climate change, the topic is now well at the top of election discussions. The LNP continues to have a totally inadequate policy on climate change action being hamstrung by the extreme right wing coal loving MPs . The Labor Party has some good policies and the devil will be in the detail as to how they deliver these. The Greens are way out in front with their policies, but are unlikely to be able to deliver them, though they certainly will influence the debate. Other minor parties are generally very conservative and have poorly developed policies if any at all.

National Parks – a jewel to protect or ripe for exploitation?

Since the very first Queensland National Park was established in 1908 at Witches Falls on Mount Tamborine, the debate about the purpose of national parks has continued. Are national parks primarily for the conservation of nature or are they for the enjoyment of nature by the human population? Or if it is to be both, what weight should the community give to conservation versus enjoyment?

Koalas in Crisis

Our furry friends are in trouble. Despite Borobi koala being chosen as the icon for the Commonwealth Games this year, the real koalas on the Gold Coast are in dire straits. The population continues to decline regardless of measures taken to date to “save” them and experts such as Dr Steven Phillips predict they will be extinct in the wild within 5-10 years unless further immediate action is taken. You can be part of the solutions.