“Biodiversity is the variety of all living things; the different plants, animals and microorganisms, the genetic information they contain and the ecosystems they form. Biodiversity is usually explored at three levels – genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity. These three levels work together to create the complexity of life on Earth.” Source – Australian Museum.     

The Gold Coast is one of the most bio-diverse regions in Australia, with 49% of land covered in native vegetation of which only 19% is in public ownership. The health of our biodiversity is threatened by a rapidly growing population and subsequent development as well as climate change.

Gecko works constantly to protect the biodiversity we have and to advocate for the purchase of additional land for conservation to enable the survival of species into the future.

Two major biodiversity campaigns Gecko is currently involved in are the survival of koalas and the protection of Springbrook National Park’s, World Heritage status.

Current Actions

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Koala Conservation Update 2020

The State Government has been developing a koala conservation strategy for several years in response to the alarming decline in koala numbers over past decades. This is mainly due to…
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Coomera Connector Proposed Road

The public consultation period for the Coomera Connector (southern section), or M2 as some call it, will begin on Saturday 9th November, from 7am –3pm at Carrara Markets. This is…

Moreton Bay Marine Park Review

Currently Moreton Bay Marine Park’s southern boundary is the northern Seaway wall and the west takes in some of the Broadwater. The review is in 2 stages, with Stage 1…
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Koalas in Our City

Regrettably there has been little improvement in the plight of the koala on the Gold Coast and throughout South East Queensland as the population continues to grow and the development…
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Tourism or National Parks

In recent months the Department of Tourism has called for expressions of interest for development of eco- tourism ventures in National Parks. Queensland has only 7% of its area as…
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Campaigns Update May 2019

Federal Elections and climate policy: After years of frustration with federal government inaction or worse on climate change, the topic is now well at the top of election discussions. The…
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Koalas in Crisis

Our furry friends are in trouble. Despite Borobi koala being chosen as the icon for the Commonwealth Games this year, the real koalas on the Gold Coast are in dire…
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Fast Facts about the Koala

The koala is perhaps the most iconic Australian animal, and is a popular species with international visitors. According to very recent research by the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), it has…

Koalas – Simple Speaking

The Single State Planning Policy has done nothing to protect koala habitat. If the government isnt going to protect Australia's icon, who can? People are needed to partake in a…

Retention of Federal Protection welcomed

The environmental community welcomes Rudd commitment to continued Federal protection of native plant and animals. In 2012 a move to change environmental laws so that the Federal Government no longer…
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Newman’s Batty Bat Squad

Attached is the Dept. of Environment’s report on the biodiversity workshop held as part of the February Round table. In the light of the actions of the Government in changing…
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Sustainable Life Forms with Organic Farming

Sustainability consists of using varied methods to renew and nourish our natural environment. Our society can manage the human impacts on the environment through stewardship, which involves the responsible use…