City Plan Amendments - Again!!

Round 4 of the latest version of the Amendments to the City Plan are out and there is an opportunity to make a submission by Thursday 8th April by email to or on online

Gecko has put together a submission which you can find on our home page of the website

You are welcome to use any of the information from this submission or all of it or you can simply write and say you endorse the Gecko submission.

More submissions tell Council the residents are watching what is happening in planning for our city’s future.

Whichever method you chose you must include your name and address for it to be valid.

Your submission will have more impact if you include some comments of your own to make it unique.

This 4th round of Amendments is about a range of matters, but the most important from Gecko’s perspective is:-
• Item 9 – the inclusion of deep planting (trees) and landscaping for residential low, medium and high density
• Item 22 – The need to update the mapping of our biodiversity corridors

The other Items relate to changes in the Targeted Growth Areas of Southport, Labrador and Biggera Waters, which have reduced density, made some concessions to site cover of developments; small improvements in setbacks from boundaries particularly with high rise development, car parking in commercial centres, and changes to roof styles.

Categories: Green City