Update 2nd February 2020

The second round of public consultation on the 11 items for amendment in the City Plan closes on February 12th.  You can read the Gecko submission here and the model submission put together by the Community Alliance here.
If you decide you would like to make a submission yourself you can use the model submission  or use parts of the Gecko submission and make sure that you include your name and address, your own comments at the bottom and sign it. Unless you do these actions your submission will not be considered valid.
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Amendments Proposed to Gold Coast City Plan 2019

Public submissions open until 11th November 2019 https://www.gchaveyoursay.com.au/ourcityourplan

This is Gecko’s submission to the City Plan Amendments so far, as it is intended that some additional comments in Theme 5 Environment, but we are waiting on some expert advice. 

Gecko’s submission is more detailed than the model submission (see below) and readers are welcome to use all of parts in their own submission with acknowledgement.

If you want to use the whole of Gecko’s submission please acknowledge it by stating that you endorse Gecko’s submission and then add your own comments to ensure that it is not treated simply as a copy.

Submissions close on 11th November, but it is a good idea to get in before that date.

On 27th September the Gold Coast City Council called for public submissions on amendments (changes) to the planning scheme (City Plan) and established a number of pop-up information sessions at various places throughout the city.

Gecko urges all residents of Gold Coast to check out these proposed changes to the City plan and put in a submission. The amendments (changes) are intended to improve the City Plan and the way our City responds to the ongoing population growth.

Not everyone will agree that all amendments are an improvement and this is why your submission is vital.

As a member of the newly incorporated Community Alliance, Gecko has posted a model submission for you to use.  We are seeking a city plan that leads to quality development and not just quantity to cope with population growth. https://www.communityalliance.org.au/

How to make a submission: The model submission is a suggestion of what comments you can make and you can modify these yourself and add your own comments in the blank space at the end of the submission.

Open the website above and click on the make a submission on the top right hand corner.

Or Email submissions: CityPlanSubmissions@goldcoast.qld.gov.au

Need help call the Hotline 1300 151 267

Is this what you want?
Or would you prefer this?


You can make as many submissions as you like and you can save your work and return to it.

Keep a copy so you can see how Council responded to your comments.

You must give your name and address or your submission will be ignored.

Themes: The number of amendments is 34 which are grouped under 6 Themes. These Themes are:

  • Theme 1 Height and Density;
  • Theme 2 Built Form and urban design;
  • Theme 3 Targeted growth areas;
  • Theme 4 Growth and Diversification of employment;
  • Theme 5 Environment;
  • Theme 6  Other land use changes.

 On 16th October the Community Alliance held its first public meeting at Palm Beach to provide residents with an opportunity to learn about the amendments and ask questions. The information was provided by two experts, Philip Follent, Architect and former City and State Architect and Town Planner Noel Grummit. The meeting was attended by over 200 people and feedback indicates that residents found it very helpful in understanding the amendments and how to make a submission.

A further public meeting is being planned for the north of the city and the Community Alliance will speak at a similar meeting organised by an MP at Southport.

 A copy of Philp and Noels power point slides are included here.


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