The Spit Master Plan process is complete and the final plan can be viewed

The Spit Master Plan process is complete and the final plan can be viewed at Gecko is generally pleased with the result with the exception that Philip Park is still at risk of being taken over by the cruise ship terminal.

Since the completion of the Master Plan the Government has committed $60 million to its implementation over 4 years and recently announced initial expenditure of $6.8 million to improve access to the Spit. These improvements include a shared pathway the length of SeaWorld Drive, a pathway linking Muriel Henchman Park and boat ramp with Doug Jennings Park and toilet facilities at the end of Moondawera Spit, while the paved surface of the seawall itself will be substantially upgraded to improve safety. The walk along the seawall is a very popular visitor activity.

Gecko has again requested that a bus be provided from SeaWorld to the seawall as at present it is a long and hot walk for visitors without a car. 

Friends of Federation Walk are continuing with their planting regime in Federation Walk area and will be given more assistance now the Master Plan is complete. They are always looking for volunteers so please make contact if you are interested.

The Council is spending $35 million on widening Southport Bridge and Waterways Drive ostensibly to improve vehicle access to the Spit, though it is more likely to facilitate the cruise terminal.

The three storey height limit remains in the commercial sections of The Spit and this is confirmed in the City Plan amendments. As a result of this Sunland is selling their 99 years lease at Mariners Cove on which they had hoped to build 2 X 44 storeys buildings. It is hoped that there will be sound commercial investment in the southern parts of the Spit to provide enjoyable activities for visitors.

Gecko continues to monitor the progress of the implementation of the Master Plan and we are awaiting a decision on the governance of the area and legislation to protect it.



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