Gecko Recycle Scheme for hard to recycle items is coming to fruition.  These items are Household Batteries, Printer Cartridges, and Mobile Phones, which currently end up in the council tip.

This program is designed to place a Hard to Recycle container in every shopping centre so such items can be safely disposed of and a volunteer will empty the container on a regular basis.  The items are then passed on to organisations that can either dismantle the components or dispose of them safely.

The shopping centre containers are sponsored by local businesses and your assistance in this to spread the containers to all parts of the Gold Coast would be most welcome.  Currently two pilot sites are in operation, pictured below at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre and a further recycle station is located at Currumbin RSL.

Melissa Von Bratt, Runaway Bay Shopping Centre Guest Experience Manager with Amy Gould, Gecko Volunteer

If you would like to be a sponsor or volunteer for this program please contact Gecko on 5534 1412 and leave your details with reception and the coordinator will contact you.

E-Waste Recycling Process

The e-Waste program for safe reuse of electronic materials from computers, printers, photocopies etc is the focus of this new program which is a collaborative effort with Currumbin Special School and Substation 33.

Smaller electronic machines can be brought to Gecko House and from there they are conveyed to the Currumbin Special School, where the high school students are being trained in disassembling and sorting the components.

These are then transported to the not-for-profit, social enterprise organization Substation 33 where the materials are reused to make 3D printers, electric bikes, mobile charging stations, portable speakers and electronic road signs. These items are sold to fund the organization, which also trains and employs socially disadvantaged people in a range of skills.

Container Deposit Scheme

A Container Deposit scheme has been in operation since 1st November in Queensland, which enables a return of 10c on every applicable drink container.

Anecdotal evidence on walks around the local area of Gecko House seem to indicate it is working as there are very few drink containers littering the Estuary. Hopefully this will continue over the busy school holiday period.

Gecko House is registered as a Container Donation Point and will receive your donations of eligible containers during office opening hours and funds received will assist Gecko’s environmental protection work.

More information can be found at