Recycling those Difficult to Recycle Items

Household Batteries, Printer Cartridges, Mobile Phones, CD’s and DVD’s and E-Waste are all toxic to the environment when dumped in landfill YET valuable to an ethical recycling centre.

The Gecko Climate Action Network Team are working with a social enterprise ‘Substation 33’, Planet Ark and Sunrise Rotary Club Surfers Paradise to ensure 95% of the material in these items are reused, repurposed or recycled. A complementary education programme aimed at schools, shopping centres and interest groups is being prepared to raise awareness throughout the community. Interested in recycling or supporting the project?

This Gecko Climate Action Network project is currently emerging out of concept stage and embarking on the first collection point trials. The bins have been designed and prototyped, the project is sourcing locations in public places and shopping centres for the recycling bins, and funding is being sought for the production of 6 bins for the pilot project on the Gold Coast.

What are our next steps?
Securing sponsors, designing the educational programme and finding champions for the bins are the next steps whilst also developing the marketing plan and public awareness promotion of the project. You can read the project plan HERE 

Interested in supporting and advancing this environmentally sustainable project? 

Contact Cate at or Mobile: 0414 382 271 if you would like to champion and assist with any aspect of this exciting and much needed project.

You don’t need to commit a great deal of time, and different skill sets and experience would make a valuable contribution, so don’t be shy, have a read of the project plan and contact Cate Ware if you would like to contribute.

Concept of public recycle drop off box
3D printer by Substation 33
Recycle and avoid toxic chemicals in landfill

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