What will we learn?

Course outcomes will be in accordance with the National or Queensland curricula.
Students will use and/or learn about
• Equipment to collect data, developing their geographical and scientific enquiry and skills.
• Characteristics, microclimate and biodiversity in the field.
• Transfer of energy within the ecosystem-observe the flora and fauna and mark the transfers on a worksheet.
• Cell requirements relating to light energy and chemical energy.

• Different species of mangroves, dunes and sub tropical plant species their features and operations, while recording features on a worksheet.
• The species of mangrove trees as well as crabs (if it the tide allows re crabs) with dichotomous keys.
• The adaptations of the various species within the ecosystems.
• Quadrats and/or transects in mangroves, dunes or sub tropical rainforests.
• Bio-indicators or the health of the ecosystem and mark on a grid the fauna and flora found in that grid.

• Measure light intensity, ground and canopy cover; air and mud temperature and humidity; composition of the mud and pH testing;
• Count and record seedling density.
• Compass reading;
• Measure wind speed and direction; height above sea level and distance from the creek.
• Count and record crab holes and number that are occupied.

• Most of these activities can be done in the dunal areas and in the subtropical rainforest.
• Water Quality Testing and macroinvertebrate collecting and identification at different sites.

• Human impacts on any of these areas, including the impacts of exotic animals such as cats, dogs and foxes and the impacts of plastic waste.
• Impacts of food production in areas visited. Erosion caused by food production and human activities.
• Impacts from climate change in any of the areas.

• Learn about the Rainforest Structure and characteristics in the Macleay/McPherson Overlap.
• Learn about Ecosystem benefits in these biomes.

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