For the Geography and Science Curricula.

GeckoEd provide qualified teachers who create and lead day long excursions working within the Geography and Science High School curricula.

Examples of programs on offer are:
Wetlands for Year 7
Biomes and Food Security with scientific measuring for Year 9
Human Impacts on Ecosystems for Year 11.
Identification and measurement of microclimates of mangroves and dunes for Year 11.
A customised program to suit your requirements.

The GeckoEd Team make and source the resources required and will happily work with your teaching staff to deliver the required outcomes for your students.

Gecko Environment Council is a Not-For-Profit Association and therefore can offer these courses at a low fee. The one day courses cost $20 per student, with a minimum number of 20 students and a maximum class size of 30

If a full day excursion is not suitable the GeckoEd Team can come to your classroom in the Gold Coast region with a one hour long program for the very low fee of $3 per student for a class of 25 to 30. Where student number are under 25 for in classroom programs we charge $5 per student.

What will we learn?

Course outcomes will be in accordance with the National or Queensland curricula.
Students will use and/or learn about
• Equipment to collect data, developing their geographical and scientific enquiry and skills.
• Characteristics, microclimate and biodiversity in the field.
• Transfer of energy within the ecosystem-observe the flora and fauna and mark the transfers on a worksheet.
• Cell requirements relating to light energy and chemical energy.

• Different species of mangroves, dunes and sub tropical plant species their features and operations, while recording features on a worksheet.
• The species of mangrove trees as well as crabs (if it the tide allows re crabs) with dichotomous keys.
• The adaptations of the various species within the ecosystems.
• Quadrats and/or transects in mangroves, dunes or sub tropical rainforests.
• Bio-indicators or the health of the ecosystem and mark on a grid the fauna and flora found in that grid.

• Measure light intensity, ground and canopy cover; air and mud temperature and humidity; composition of the mud and pH testing;
• Count and record seedling density.
• Compass reading;
• Measure wind speed and direction; height above sea level and distance from the creek.
• Count and record crab holes and number that are occupied.

• Most of these activities can be done in the dunal areas and in the subtropical rainforest.
• Water Quality Testing and macroinvertebrate collecting and identification at different sites.

• Human impacts on any of these areas, including the impacts of exotic animals such as cats, dogs and foxes and the impacts of plastic waste.
• Impacts of food production in areas visited. Erosion caused by food production and human activities.
• Impacts from climate change in any of the areas.

• Learn about the Rainforest Structure and characteristics in the Macleay/McPherson Overlap.
• Learn about Ecosystem benefits in these biomes.

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