Gecko Talks 28th June – Adventures of a Snake Wrangler

The Adventures of a Snake Wrangler

Speaker: Sam Howard, Wild Encounters

What happens when you find a big snake in your garden?

And what about those strange noises in your roof at night?

Could that be a visiting possum? Who do you call?

Come along to Gecko Environment Council’s Guest Speaker Night this month to hear experienced environmental scientist Sam Howard from Wild
Encounters talk to you about his close encounters with both furry and scaly wildlife who visit our gardens. Animals can be safely captured and returned to a suitable habitat by a trained expert like Sam, providing the best outcome for both the beautiful but uninvited animal guest and its reluctant host.

Sam, a licensed snake catcher and spotter-catcher, will tell us many interesting facts about our native wildlife as well as the work he does to ensure wildlife are not harmed during land clearing and development, and how fauna management strategies; fauna protection measures; and/or fauna relocation methods are carried out before, during and after vegetation clearing works.

Sadly, more and more animals are displaced as the Gold Coast City grows, and Sam will outline some ways in which individuals and homeowners near
construction sites can play a helpful role.

Protecting wildlife habitat remains the key to ensuring our amazing biodiversity survives the pressures of land clearing, road-building and climate change.

Sam will also be bringing along a specimen from his licensed educational display for us to appreciate.

For more information on Sam Howard prior to this event please visit his website at:

Disclaimer: Gecko Talks are in line with Gecko’s values of connecting people with the natural world so that they may become active stewards of our unique environment. Gecko however, is neither promoting or endorsing the product/s and/or service/s mentioned in any talk. It is entirely up to the individual attendees to decide if they are interested in any commercial opportunities offered.


Date:   28th June 2017

Time:   6.45pm for 7pm start

Where: Currumbin RSL, The Cove Room. 165 Duringan Street, Currumbin



14 Jun 2017


10:00 am - 8:30 pm