Gecko Talks 27th September – Bee Keeping is All the Buzz

Bee Keeping is all the Buzz

Kevin Tracey

When Kevin Tracy talks about bees, it’s not just about how to produce raw unprocessed honey. He believes they also have much to teach us as humans—and can aid our psychological and physical health.

‘Bees are intriguing animals,’ he says. ‘Hives are very complex and act as a super organism where it’s never about the individual, but about the colony. We’d be a more peaceful world if we learnt from them.’

Kevin, who owns Bee Zone Apiaries and breeds and sells honey queen bees as well as chemical-free honey, is guest speaker at Gecko Talks on Wednesday, September 27 at Currumbin RSL.

Watching bees can be very meditative, he says, which is good for our brains. He’ll also touch on the health aspects of honey for our ‘gut brain’ and honey’s anti-microbial properties.

‘Too often, people fear bees but they are not aggressive,’ Kevin adds.

It’s appropriately a show-and-tell session—he’ll will bring some honey-makers safely enclosed in a glass frame—as he also has native stingless bee hives in kindergartens.

Everyone is welcome to hear this passionate bee keeper cover the wonders of bees and bee- keeping.

When:        Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time:          6:45PM for 7:00PM Start

Where:       Cove Room, Currumbin RSL, 165 Duringan Street, Currumbin

Cost:          FREE! Don’t forget, you can have a meal there before the talk.

Book:         Call Gecko on 07 5534 1412 or turn up on the night.

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