Gecko Talks 26th July-Fungi, The Superheroes of Our Future

Fungi are the Superheroes of Our Future

Fungi, one of the most ancient organisms on earth, are crucial to our future.

At this month’s Gecko Talks, passionate biologist, Sandra Tuszynska, will explain the sophisticated ways the humble fungi rule the world – and may help it survive.

She’ll also explain how and why you can help the fungi in its role of saving the environment.

Dr Tuszynska’s highly-illustrated talk covers four main aspects:

  • The ancient role of fungi in the survival of most terrestrial plants through the Wood Wide Web: the complex communication, nutrient delivery and immunity networks which fungi provide across entire forests;
  • How these superheroes can clean up the environmental mess in today’s world by remediating degraded and polluted sites, enriching soil biodiversity and controlling soil erosion;
  • How you can grow your own materials out of fungal mycelium, be it a brick or a cup; and
  • Practical ways you can create habitats for fungi around you and why they are so important.

She will talk about fungi’s vital impact on the environment, and humans, covering areas from transforming pollutants such as pesticides and petrochemicals, to fungi creating soils and nourishing all life forms by munching on rocks and wood, to how universities and companies are actually growing myco-plastics, clothing, furniture and buildings with fungi.

Dr Tuszynska’s specialises in fungal biology and ecology and her goal is to preserve and encourage biodiversity starting with soil remediation by fungi. Her mission is to inspire others to take action to help all creatures great and small, as our life depends on them all.

Everyone is welcome at Gecko Talks on Wednesday, July 26th at Currumbin RSL at 7pm. It’s free. But come earlier and enjoy a meal at Currumbin RSL.

For more information, phone the Gecko office on 5534 1412 or Sandra Tuszynska  0459 228 575.

When: 26th July

Time: 6.45pm for 7pm start

Where: The Cove Room, Currumbin RSL



06 Jul 2017


10:00 am - 8:30 pm