Gecko Talks 24th March – The Iconic Platypus

Gecko Talks 24th March – The Iconic Platypusin Currumbin RSL

The iconic platypus will be the topic of the next Gecko Talks, held as usual at Currumbin RSL. “The platypus is one of the most unique species in the world,” says Emily Vincent of environmental organisation Watergum, who will be Gecko’s guest speaker.

The egg-laying mammal is endemic to the east coast of Australia, including Tasmania, populating our freshwater creeks and waterways. The platypus looks like a cross between a duck, an otter and a beaver and it has some unique features, like an electro sensory system in their bill that tells them what’s in the water.

Emily is a coordinator for Watergum’s PlatypusWatch, a citizen science surveying program that’s been operating for 12 years on the Gold Coast.

During her talk Emily will reveal not so known details of the animal’s biology, lifestyle and habitat as well as introducing you to the PlatypusWatch program.
“We are concerned that the platypus is quietly disappearing and so it is important to monitor our local populations.

We have already seen them disappear from one of the Gold Coast’s waterways and we want to prevent this from happening anywhere else.”

Watergum is welcoming people from the public to come forward to become a surveyor for PlatypusWatch. “At present the platypus’ conservation status is not regarded as concerning in Queensland.  Together with the community, this is something we are working to change ,” Emily adds.

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Gecko Talks will be on Wednesday 24th March.

Be there at 6.45 for a 7 pm start.  Why not arrive early and get a delicious meal.

Tickets are free, but you have to book. Here is the link for your booking:



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