Bushcare Group-Friends of Federation Walk Planting Day 27 March 2021

Welcome…..to 2021!

A March Planting date!

Our first Community Tree Planting Day is Saturday 27 March and it would be wonderful to get another great turnout, please register https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/friends-of-federation-walk-tree-planting-tickets-135426280651 <https://federationwalk.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=adee7958cba85f422fe5b1218&id=1590622655&e=00bad52d76>  to get your tickets and more information. Perhaps after the planting, you could visit your plantings from last year to check their growth!

Fantastic news for Federation Walk, Thank you NAMU for safeguarding the future of ‘recycled water’ at The Spit. Whether it be for new projects and plantings, drought conditions, or the dreaded fire events you and Council are ensuring the use of recycled water is maintained and safe!

The City’s Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU) is currently progressing the installation of a large scale irrigation project at Federation Walk. This system is being installed to allow restoration of littoral rainforest over the northern half of Federation walk. The system will also be used to mitigate against future bushfire risk which as you know have hindered planting efforts in the past. The irrigation project has been funded by the Federal government and the City of Gold Coast. As part of the project, a water tank and pump house are to be established at the very northern part of Federation Walk (just before the car park). The location of the tank/pump station will require some vegetation removal, but this should be fairly minimal. We will keep you posted when we get any further updates on these great projects that are hopefully going to further transform Federation walk into a biodiverse littoral rainforest over the coming years.

Our Recycled Water project has set the pattern for the use of recycled water at The Spit!






As well as assisting with our successful submission to ‘Centenary of Federation Queensland’ and future Grants and other projects, GECKO REGEN which started in 1998, managed our Community Plantings including the National Tree Day in 2002, where we accessed recycled water for the first time! Manager Tom Caamano was diligent in the safety aspects of using recycled water publicly, the pressure of the water was strong and over 2000 plants were watered that day! Our current Secretary Christel Radisavlyevic  was an Admin at GECKO REGEN in those days also assisting with the plantings. GECKO REGEN has continued and been renamed REGEN AUSTRALIA with Mark Bibby as Manager.


……..and our favorite residents, Bush Stone-Curlew, Photo by Peter Scholer/Gary Casey.



Lyn Wright: M:0400 740 972 <tel:0400 740 972> President Friends of Federation Walk Inc.


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