Webinar: 100% Renewables – Can we resource that sustainably?

Can QLD get to 100% renewables sustainably?

Have you had a conversation with someone about transitioning to renewables and they’ve agreed renewables are great, but are challenged by the scale of 100% renewables. They ask where we will get all of the minerals and materials we need? Or maybe that is you…

Join our guest speakers, to explore how we can solve BIG questions, including;

  • Do we have enough materials and resources? 
  • Can we resource a transition in ways that nature and communities thrive?

Bring a cuppa or dinner, and get comfy for a revealing evening chat about the potential to sustainably resource QLD’s energy transition.

Darren Johanssen joins us from the Smart Energy Council sharing his expertise on materials limits in a renewable future – we might fare better than you think.

Crystal Falknau, Coordinator of North Queensland Conservation Council provides a regional conservation perspective on what needs to be considered to ensure nature and communities can thrive in our energy transition.

This webinar is part of Gecko Environment Council’s Nature and Renewables event series.

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03 Jun 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm