Greenspaces are an essential part of every city, needing long term protection and care. These places sustain our health and well-being, allow us to play and relax, enable learning about nature as well as moderate climate extremes in densely settled areas. Over the past decades Gecko Environment Council has advocated for the protection and increase of public open space for recreational and conservation areas. 

The world standard for providing green spaces is 4 ha per 1000 people, but Gold Coast has adopted just 3.2 ha per 1000 people, despite the ever increasing density of our suburbs. Greenspaces, or parklands, are very well used in the City, but they are frequently threatened with inappropriate development proposals. These include: selling them off to private enterprise; allowing use by private businesses such as restaurants; expansions of club houses; cruise terminals; car parks and residential or commercial development.

Public Open Space Overview - January 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic has raised public awareness of the importance of green public space in our cities for the health and welfare of residents.

In addition to parklands, tree cover is important for the health of the city and in mitigating climate change.

Some cities have an urban forest policy, and it is time that the Gold Coast City adopted one too.

Brisbane City Council states that the benefits of trees are:-

  • provides shade and cooling, encouraging a healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • helps reduce energy consumption (by buffering the urban heat island effect)
  • provides the natural structure of Brisbane’s subtropical character and scenic amenity
  • produces oxygen and consumes carbon dioxide, trapping carbon and helping to reduce greenhouse gases
  • supports habitat and food for wildlife
  • helps reduce dust, pollution, wind speeds and the effects of UV radiation
  • helps manage stormwater run-off and soil erosion
  • provides strong links to nature, our natural and cultural history and sense of local identity
  • contributes to individual property values, tourism and vitality of business centres.

Gecko’s Goal for Public Open Space – to advocate for the protection and increase of public open space and its vegetation for the health and well-being of the growing population.

Further to advocate for the implementation of an urban forest policy and register of the city’s significant trees.

Current Actions

Swans nesting beside lake

Black Swan Lake – January 2021 Update

The main campaign to save Black Swan Lake at Bundall reached a successful conclusion late in 2020 when Council voted to retain the remaining 20% of the lake for wildlife…

The Implementation of The Spit Master Plan Bill

Following several letters from Gecko asking about the future of The Spit master Plan the Government finally put forward a Bill “The Implementation of The Spit Master Plan” and called…

Spit Master Plan Updated

Gecko is generally pleased with the result with the exception that Philip Park is still at risk of being taken over by the cruise ship terminal. Since the completion of…

The Spit Master Plan a Reality

The final Master Plan was accepted by all participants and the State Government in May 2019. The Spit is 8 times the size of Southbank parklands so it has enormous…

Off Shore Cruise Terminal (OSCT)

Council has continued to spend ratepayer funds on investigations into this proposal, despite strong community opposition to this proposal as well as all previous cruise ship proposals since 2003. The…
lake being filled-1024×768

Black Swan Lake

The campaign to stop the infill of the Lake has continued unabated over past months, but nothing has swayed either the Council or the Gold Coast Turf Club. The Lake…
Fed walk sign and walker DP

Spit Master Plan: December 2018

In early December another of the weekend workshops to design the Spit Master Plan was held at SeaWorld, with representatives from the community, business and community groups present. This time…

The Spit Master Plan by Lois Levy

The Spit Master Plan by Lois Levy The campaign to protect the public open space of The Spit at the Gold Coast Broadwater has been a fierce and often divisive…

Black Swan Lake

The campaign for this small public open space in Bundall began in 2014 and has attracted the support of thousands of people, appalled that Council is giving this lake to…
Black Swan lake at dawn-2017-1049×685

Black Swan Lake-What is the Current Issue?

Wildlife Preservation Society actioned a petition which was presented to Council in October 2014. Gecko has written to Council requesting that the Lake remain and that Council consider some type…
terminal two2017-1144×344

EXCLUSIVE: Terminal Cost Blowout

Gold Coasters have been dealt a combo of low blows over the proposed oceanside cruise terminal pre-election promise from Mayor Tom Tate with LiQUiFY able to reveal multiple issues which…
ASF Plans forThe Spit-1024×768

The Spit and Broadwater Update

It was a good turnout last Sunday, but there is still time for you to have your say. Submissions close 7th April. The public consultation on two aspects of the…