In early December another of the weekend workshops to design the Spit Master Plan was held at SeaWorld, with representatives from the community, business and community groups present.  This time the focus was on pulling together outcomes of public consultation on the 72 Options.

The Master Plan team consulted the community via the website survey which was completed by 815 people, 1294 visitors to the pop-up stalls around the coast, 117 speaking events and 35 business briefing attendees. The impressive outcome was the consensus across all sectors of the commitment to protecting the green of The Spit.  The highest interest was in the Top of the Spit and the Village Hub, while the lowest was the proposed ocean side cruise terminal.   he water quality of the Marine Stadium was the highest concern.

Two additional studies have been undertaken into the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and the Environment, Ecology and Bushfire Review and Constraints Assessment.

On the second day those present chose the discussion table of most interest to them to draw up much finer detail of what the final Master Plan will look like.

The tables included:

  • The top of the Spit i.e. Doug Jennings Park,
  • Muriel Henchman Park and the Marine stadium;
  • Federation Walk and Wavebreak and Curlew islands;
  • The Village hub north and one south;
  • the entrance to the Spit and Philip Park with and without the proposed cruise terminal.

Generally there was considerable consensus on providing basic park amenities and ongoing rehabilitation of Federation Walk.

A signature landmark building at the Seaway was agreed upon, though the form was a matter for future decision.  This could also house a new café, watch place for Volunteer Marine and temporary base for police and ambulance services as required.

The cruise terminal was considered to be a major problem because of the disruption to the whole Plan and the lack of any real information precluded further discussion.

Creative ideas for enticing visitors to the Village Hub were put forward including a fisherman’s wharf and market and Aboriginal cultural centre.

Good ideas for Hollingsdale Park at the eastern entry to The Spit were put forward to make much better use of this large area for the community.

Transport options were discussed and it was agreed the ferry would be desirable as well as a funky bus to carry visitors to the Seaway with whatever gear they had and their dogs. This would relieve the pressure on parking and congestion at peak times.

The next stage is likely to be in February or March 2019 when the financing and governance arrangements will be discussed in a further weekend workshop.

Further information is available at the website