Sustainable Development


We are urged to make sustainability part of our lifestyle, but what is it?

The most favoured definition comes from the Brundtland Report of 1987, which said Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Regrettably we are currently using the resources of 4 planets so there is no generational equity happening at present and as resources become scarcer the present generation will pay higher prices.

What kind of life will our children and grandchildren be living in the future?

Sustainability covers a vast field, but collective action has the ability to turn around our wasteful ways and create multiple jobs along the way.

Small actions in your own home, if multiplied in many homes, really do make a difference.

Gecko’s slogan “What I do changes the world” is premised on this belief.


  • Household Individual solar panels in Queensland generate 30% of all power.
  • Reusable shopping bags saves 900 million single use plastic bags used in Queensland every year 
  • Reducing water consumption through garden mulching and shorter showers saves both water and generation of electricity emissions in bringing water to the home.
  • Persuading big supermarkets to remove plastic wrap from vegetables and other products.
  • Put your savings into green companies and get better interest rates than bank accounts, while supporting sustainable products.
  • Buying locally produced goods

The United Nation's Development Program

The United Nations Development Program has 17 goals for sustainability, many of which overlap.

Gecko’s work is focused on seven of these, including numbers:

Gecko's Role

Gecko tries to lead by example and endeavours to run a sustainable office, with solar panels generating electricity and a water tank for the garden.

We try to reuse and recycle whenever possible, to only serve vegetarian food at events and car pool to activities.

Submissions to government and other bodies always include advocacy for more sustainable actions in whatever is the issue or subject matter under discussion.

Some of our activities come under the banner of Gecko’s Climate Action Network.

We encourage you to watch these short videos and follow as many of the principles in your own home, school or office as possible

A video for adults on sustainability principles
A video explaining sustainability principle for children.