Gold Coast City Council Reform is Urgent

The meeting calls for urgent reforms in Gold Coast Council to ensure much improved transparency, accountability,ethics and equity following the revelations on 4 Corners program All that Glitters and the conclusions of the Crime and Corruption Commission Belcarra Report.

The issues that concern community members are many and include –

The undue influence of the development industry,
the trashing of our new city plan without regard to community amenity,
Using our parklands as some sort of land bank for developers,
Failure to provide additional public open space for our growing population and to protect our wildlife
Failure of many Councillors to represent their constituents properly.
The impact of light rail on koala habitat and community amenity
The failure to protect dwindling koala populations from land-clearing
Secret meetings and large blacked out sections of reports paid for by ratepayers
Failure to leave the chamber for votes on matters declared a conflict of interest

Here are two petitions which Gecko would like you to download and get signed by people in your community so they can be posted back to Gecko.

One is to the State Government calling for law reform of local government and the other to the Councillors calling for them to reform their procedures.

Shortly some information about how to write to the Premier and others with your concerns will be posted on this website, but we are posting the addresses now.

The only people who can change the way our Council operates is you and me.


The Only People Who Can Change the Way our Council Operates is You and Me

Will you Join Us?

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Gecko Environment Council
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Ph 5534 1412
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