Birthday Parties with a difference.

Let EcoDiscoverers make your child’s next birthday party an awesome adventure to share with their friends. Choose from a range of programs where they can learn, while exploring the secrets of Mother Nature.

Supervised by qualified, experienced Gecko Ed staff and Suitable for children 5 – 9 years.

Each Kids Party is $210 for up to 14 children. We can cater for larger groups and every child above this number incurs a fee of $15 extra per child. In inclement weather, an alternative location is available.

Book online and one of the GeckoEd Team will contact you, or if you would like to discuss your requirements please email or phone 5534 1412 or 0400 703 898 for more information.

Fun Activities to Choose From

Choose the activity you wish for your party.   Booking essential.  Wet weather facilities available at no extra cost.

* Beautiful Butterflies – How many butterflies can we find, learn what plants they like to lay their eggs on. Games, Story and craft

* Tree Secrets – Find different trees, discover how clever you are at finding them, learn about trees and the animals that live in them, games related to trees, story and craft.

* Plants that Talk – Did you know that plants talk to each other and help each other? Learn all about this and the amazing things trees and plants can do and play games, story and craft.

* Let’s Find Birds – Search for birds, learn their names as you see them, what they eat and their habitat, story, games and craft.

* Funky Fish – Let’s find tiny fish in the mangroves and learn all about them. Story, games and craft.

* Mystery Program – Let’s be scientists and find out facts about water and what creatures live in the creeks. Make boats and race them against each other, games, story and craft.

* Magical Mangroves – Let’s look for crabs, birds, fish and other creatures that live in the mangroves. Games, story and craft.

* Incredible Insects – Search for insects, see how many different species you can find. Games, story and craft.

* Terrific Termites – Kids look for termite nests and trails and learn how they make tree hollows for bird nests and other fascinating facts, termite games, a termite story and craft.

* Stupendous Seeds – Seeds have wonderful and sometimes sneaky ways of spreading so they can grow into a plant.  Let’s find some of them, seed spreading games, seed story and craft.

* Animals in Trees – Come and learn about what animals live in our trees, through observation, fun games, story and craft.

* Busy Bees – Learn about our stingless bees and their natural hive, what flowers they like to feed on. Story, fun games and craft.

* Creatures of the bark – Find different trees, by identifying them by their bark, and find out what bugs live in the bark. Fun games, story and Craft.

* Fabulous Frogs – Learn about what frogs you can find in your back yard, see how to make a grog pond, Story, games and craft.

* Shorebirds – Children learn to identify the different shorebirds, what they eat, fun games, story and craft. 

* Stupendous Spiders– Children search safely for spiders, who can find the most? Learn about them and what they eat, Story, fun games and craft.

* Whispy Wasps– Learn about wasps and how mud daubers make their nest, try and find as many as you can! The program includes hands-on exploration, games, stories and craft.

* Awesome Oysters– Get by the creek and explore the oysters, their habitat and what it is that makes them so awesome? Stories, fun games and craft included.

* Slinky Stingrays– Search for stingrays and signs of them. Where did they sleep and hide or what did they eat? Become a Stingray Specialist, get hands-on, listen to stories, play fun games and get creative with craft.

* Meandering Moths– Moths are the masters of the night. What do they do and how do they live? Learn all about them through hands-on adventure, stories, fun games and craft.

Give Your kids a Fun Party with a difference.

Are you looking for something active, loaded with educational fun and a little bit different for the children to enjoy during school holidays? Then look no further than GeckoEd’s super popular EcoDiscoverers school holiday program.

A lifelong interest in the amazing Gold Coast environment could begin with an EcoDiscoverer adventure. Held in the sheltered Currumbin Estuary with the low cost of $10 per child per session, with small class sizes and available for children 5 – 9 years. Our programs are conducted by experienced Teachers with Blue cards in a safe, nurturing environment with lots of fun, games, stories and hands on activities. Parents may accompany their children to share in the wonderful experience that is, EcoDiscoverers.

Bookings are Essential. These programs often sell out quickly so don’t delay in enrolling in your course and date of choice. Programs run from 9am – 11am and all children are required to bring a water bottle, morning tea, hat, sunscreen and a sense of adventure.

Other EcoDiscoverer programs include a Kids Club every Friday afternoon during the school term as well as Birthday Parties based around our EcoDiscoverer activities. If you would like more information email: and one of the Team will contact you.

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Each Kids Party is $210 for up to 14 children:
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