After School Club – Term 4

Every term, the club follows a different theme, and the theme for term 4 is Animals.

11 October – Welcome Get to know each other and familiarise everyone with the theme of the term, and what we will be learning and exploring.

18 October – Birds To coincide with National Bird Week, we focus our attention on the varied native birds of our region and become ornithologists (scientists who study birds) this week.

25 October – Bats This week we study bats to celebrate the International Bat Week.

1 November – Crabs and Stingrays The picturesque Currumbin Creek offers us great opportunities to learn about the animals that live in it.

8 November – Frogs FrogID Week runs from 3 to 12 November and is Australia’s Biggest Frog Count. We are joining in by learning about frogs and their habits, going in search of them and their habitats and recording our findings.

15 November – Bees It is Australian Pollinator Week and our chance to turn into mellitologists, a person who studies bees, for a week. We will learn all about bees, study the native stingless bees and their hives in Gecko’s Learnscape Gardens and get an understanding of the vital role they play in our world.

22 November – Fish Find the fish habitats of Currumbin Creek and the fish that live there, learn about the importance of healthy waterways and ocean ecosystems for fish and us and explore the themes around United Nations World Fisheries Day on 21st November. 

29 November- Wrap up and Reflection- We will celebrate the end of the term by reflecting on what we discovered and enjoying some local bush tucker. 


EcoDiscoverers Club is a nature-themed after school club for primary school-aged children. The club is run at Gecko House in Currumbin on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

The club utilises the environmental and pedagogical expertise of our qualified teacher and the three decades of experience GeckoEd has in delivering engaging environmental education on the Gold Coast.


  • Date : 11 Oct 2023 - 29 Nov 2023
  • Time : 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm (Australia/Brisbane)
  • Venue : 139 Durigan Street, Currumbin, 4223

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