Reversing the Decline of Australian Native Wildlife

This month we are joined by Genevieve Deaconos, Senior Development Executive in Queensland for Australia Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), a non-profit organisation dedicated to reversing the decline of native Australian wildlife.

Australia is home to the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world, with more than 10% of mammal species having disappeared due to habitat loss and predation by invasive species.

Genevieve will be introducing to us the new conservation models being developed and implemented across 12.9 million hectares of land by AWC.

She will share with us how Australia can achieve the conservation outcomes it needs through AWC’s land management approaches, native animal translocations and innovative partnerships.

We will also get to hear about the work they have done to reintroduce the Northern Bettong to Far North Queensland and their current work on the conservation of one of the rarest mammals in the world, the northern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

Be sure to book your FREE ticket today and come along to find out how you can get involved in saving our native wildlife.

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When: Wednesday, 25th May 2022

Time: 6:45PM for 7:00PM Start

Where: Currumbin RSL, 165 Duringan Street, Currumbin

Cost: FREE, after booking (Come early and buy a delicious RSL meal)

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