Keeping E-Waste Out of Landfil

We all know how important recycling is, but e-waste cannot go into the Council Recycling Bins. What do you do with it? Gecko Environment Council has a solution and is starting recycling your unwanted electronics – forFree!

What is E-Waste: If it plugs in or is battery run and will fit into a Tea Chest sized box, Gecko can recycle it. Small electronic equipment including hairdryers, computers, laptops, notebooks, printers, electronic games, mobile phones and their cables, keyboards, batteries, chargers and accessories.

Gecko’s Environment Council’s e-waste campaigner said “Much e-waste is reusable, for example mobile phones are 90% recoverable for their metal, plastics, parts etc. If it still works, many charities can resell items. Planet Ark have compiled a web page which lists where you can take items Gecko Environment Council is now listed on that website. “

Gecko believes that local residents will recycle if they have a convenient location to drop things off to. They are working to locate more recycling stations for ‘difficult to recycle’ items throughout the community.

This initiative started as an idea at the ‘Climate Change for Good Conference sponsored by Gecko and Griffith University at the Gold Coast campus in July 2016. Each month the Actioneer Groups formed from this Conference meet to advance community projects that grew out of the conference. We can all reduce our waste that we send to landfill and encourage our friends and family how they can be waste conscious too.

You can get involved and join your community, using actions to make a difference, at

Gather your small E-Waste discards and drop them off at Gecko House from Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm. Gecko is at 139 Duringan Street, Currumbin.

If you want to join this group to help with recycling or to know more phone Gecko on 55341412 Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.